Member Visitation Information

Visitation Sample Questions – To facilitate a more substantive exchange between members

  • Describe your market or customer segments (who makes up 80% of your current sales – be it geography, demographics, specific sectors, etc); has this market composition evolved significantly in the past and/or is it anticipated to evolve significantly in the future?
  • Who are your primary competitors for each of your major market segments? How do you differentiate your offer vis-a-vis your competitors for each group? 
  • How do your customers “find” you? 
  • When you get referrals (be they from BBG members or from other sources), which ones have you been able to convert most effectively? Which ones are difficult and why?

After both members have explained these points to each other, move to a more collaborative discussion. That could include:

  • do we have overlap in our market segments, business contacts or personal networks that could be of value to both members? 
  • are there any areas where we could develop a joint, linked, or complementary offer that would be of value to our respective clients or customers?